Was there life before computer?

calculating instruments before the digital era


On this page I list, in random order, all the links that I have visited and from which I got interesting informations or pictures. I hope I have not forgotten anyone. I tried always to quote the origin of the material used and in general I asked permission to use it, though sometime was not possible, and in any case I wrote the name of the author and the link to his personal website directly below the photo and the article concerned or in this page. I tried to locate the rights holders, with cross search and/or follow the links in the source page, and if the owner's name is not present you must consider the author as unknown to me.

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John Wolff di "John Wolff's Web Museum": home.vicnet.net.au~wolff
Gonzalo Martin di "Photocalcul": www.photocalcul.com
Mike Konshak dell'International Slide Rule Museum: sliderulemuseum.com
Jorge Fabregas Zazza di "Reglas de Calculo": www.reglasdecalculo.com
I membri di ARC, foro spagnolo dei regoli calcolatori: arc.reglasdecalculo.org
Lo staff di Giocomania: www.giocomania.org
Lo staff di Matematicamedie: matematicamedie.blogspot.com
History of Computers: history-computer.com
Retrocalculators: retrocalculators.com
The Museum of HP Calculators: www.hpmuseum.org
xnumber: www.xnumber.com
Computer History Museum: www.computerhistory.org
Museo Galileo di Firenze: www.museogalileo.it
Stephan Weiss: www.mechrech.info
James Ollinger: www.jollinger.com
Early Office Museum: www.officemuseum.com
Gilai Colletibles: www.gilai.com
David's Calculating Sticks: www.sliderules.nl
Aldo Cavini Benedetti: aldoaldoz.blogspot.it
Reinhard Atzbach: www.rechenwerkzeug.de
Alessandro Palladino: www.john-silver.it
Ezio Raddi: ezioraddi.altervista.org
David M. Riches: www.mathsinstruments.me.uk
Nico Baaijens: www.novosite.nl
Kees Nagtegaal: www.mechanicalculator.com
James Ollinger: www.jollinger.com
ASA: www.asa2fly.com
The Oughtred Society: www.oughtred.org
Casio: www.casio-europe.com/it
Andries de Man: sites.google.com/site/calculatinghistory
Rechnerlexikon: www.rechnerlexikon.de
Rechenmaschinen Illustrated: www.rechenmaschinen-illustrated.com
Nathan Zeldes: www.nzeldes.com
Slide Rule Universe: www.sphere.bc.ca
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Eric Marcotte: www.sliderule.ca
Christophe Mery: machineacalculer.free.fr
Clark McCoy: www.mccoys-kecatalogs.com
Office Colletibles: www.prehistoriadelainformatica.com
Daniel Toussaint: www.linealis.org
Mystery of the beed: webhome.idirect.com/~totton/abacus
Progetto Polymath: www.polito.it
Associazione Archivio Storico Olivetti: www.arcoliv.org
Wikipedia: www.wikipedia.org
Mateureka: www.mateureka.it
Ugo Mainieri: www.mainieri.eu
Ing.Giovanni Pastore: www.giovannipastore.it
Giovanni Breda: www.gbreda.it

Does not exist only the Web, I also consulted books and magazines:

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