Was there life before computer?

calculating instruments before the digital era

OnLine: communication before the Internet

New exhibit on radio and telegraph, to remember that real-time communication exists from almost 200 years. The visit lasts 20 minutes and can be visited from the 5th of Italian Primary School forwards. The exhibit is also available in English.

Some volunteers of the Civil Protection will illustrate the radio section. In the era of smartphones this technology may seem obsolete, but after an earthquake the modern systems does not work anymore, only the olds transmitters keeps going.

We will also explain how you can use the Morse Code to help children with severe disabilities to relate with the outside world. This is the flyer:

In the mid 19th Century, the communication revolution began:
real time society became an ancient affair!

Flyer telegraph and radio exhibit

The Posters

The exhibit's labels

How to build a telegraph

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