Was there life before computer?

calculating instruments before the digital era

Slide rule photoshow

1805: Joshua Routledge invented the Rotary Steam Engine

1880: gentleman with his slide rule

1886: Pasteur

1908: giant slide rule

1910: the chemist William Hultz Walker

1913: AEG's office, Berlin

1920: William Hartree cand his Fuller's slide rule

1930: Korolev, the engineer of the Sputnick program

1943: Von Braun (first from right) at Peenemünde

1943: air navigation

1944: calculating the torpedo launch

1944: Enrico Fermi at the Manhattan projet

1948: Lyman Spitzer at work

1951: Ruth Roman in "Invitation"

1953: Crick e Watson and the DNA

Anni'50: the first computer, a star is born ...

... and quickly arrive in Vatican

1959: sexy regolo

1959: really unusual use

1962: warning?!?

1959: Charlton Heston in "The Wreck of the Mary Deare"

1965: starring in "Flight of The Phoenix"

1966: starring in "Star Trek"

1969: with Buzz Aldrin onboard the Apollo 11

1970: starring in "UFO"

1971: at school

1972: onboard the Boeing 707

1973: the last use of the slide rule

... anche nei giocattoli sta per essere sostituito ed ormai ..

the end is coming

the ultimate use!!

Nicola Marras 2008

Images from: International Slide Rule Museum


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